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How, at last, has someone solidified what has always escaped—and made it too into this beautiful and perfectly enduring substance? One has to put the book down and gasp. The pleasure becomes physical—like sun and wine and grapes and perfect serenity and intense vitality combined.

Virginia Woolf on Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time


What you are aiming for is willing suspension of disbelief, and the first person who must suspend belief is yourself. Some beginning novelists have more disbelief to suspend than others, but even if your burden of disbelief is heavy, the only way to suspend it is to keep adding sentences to the ones you have already written. Sheer length persuades, at least to some degree, because it builds an object in the mind.

Jane Smiley, Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Novel (via octoswan)

(via beingascripturient)

When Defending Your Writing Becomes Defending Yourself

Aha. I was wondering why I gained so many Tumblr followers today.

Matthew Salesses has a new article up on NPR’s Code Switch blog and it’s definitely worth a read: When Defending Your Writing Becomes Defending Yourself

I talked to him a bit about my past workshops. I’ve been trying to open up more about my experiences in the literary community as a woman writer of color. I find it kind of hard to pry the lid off that topic, and I hate it.

So anyway, hello to my new Tumblr friends! Thanks for following. If you’re interested in hearing about my writing, my thoughts on diverse books, and occasionally notes on my yoga practice, I blog pretty regularly at exrpan.com. (I do also link to the posts here.)